About Us

Fort Myers Prescription Shop provides many advantages over the Big Box stores. We are a pharmacy, nothing more; we provide medications and healthcare… that is our only focus. We are always available for consultation and questions including blood pressure and glucose screenings. We work with your doctors and insurance company to find the best regimen for you. Fort Myers Prescription Shop is an expert with manufacturer copay savings cards trying to save our patients as much money as possible. We perform Medication Therapy Management services (MTM). MTM is a series of interactions where a patient’s medications are discussed for indications, dosage appropriateness, interactions and side effects in an effort to optimize the patient’s regimen. Fort Myers Prescription Shop is even able to align your refills so that you only have to come to the pharmacy once a month, a process called Medication Synchronization. For those patients who need a little help keeping their medications organized; for a small fee, we offer Bubble Packs where all medications are placed in individual pockets for administration at a specified time.


Fort Myers Prescription Shop compounds medications, which means that we are able to make a preparation to meet a patient’s specific needs. Whether that patient is a child that cannot swallow a large tablet, an animal that requires a low dose of medication in a chewable “treat,” or a person who wants to feel younger and more vibrant through hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

For more information on the many benefits of compounding please visit our compounding page. We offer free delivery service to most of Lee county and free first class mail service to all of Florida. (Priority and Overnight services available for a fee). Our delivery area map is located here.